Back rolls party for NONE

For most women when it comes to picking a bra, their major concern is how well those cups can hold up the twins. Less attention is paid to how the choice of bra and it's size can affect other areas of the body. For instance, wearing a bra too tight can lead to the formation of back rolls and other more severe health issues like scarring and improper posture.

The importance of wearing the right sized bra cannot be over stated. A proper sized bra is great for comfort and reduces the tendency for "love handles" to form around the bra strap area. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice that perky look for a healthier body.

Here are a few tips for picking the right bra size next time you go bra shopping:

-If the straps dig into your shoulders then the cups are probably too small for you.

-The band should be snug but not suffocating.

-It's common for one breast to be bigger than the other, pick a bra that fits the bigger breast better.

- The shop attendants are there for a reason, do not hesitate to ask for advice or assistance if you are not sure of what type of bra will give you the best support for it's intended use.





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